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One must understand the advantages that America offers as a place for higher studies before investing the time and money. Also, it is not just enough to decide to study in the USA just because it is trendy. We are therefore putting forth the most distinct advantages offered by the US education system

More than 500,000 international students come to study every year in the United States from different countries. No other country in the world attracts so many international students. Naturally, the international exposure that you get while being a part of such a diverse students body is one of the most important advantages of studying in the United Sates.

Educational Infrastructure

As you study higher and higher, you need educational infrastructure, which is as important as the quality of syllabus and quality of teachers. While the quality of syllabus and teachers are quite high in India, the availability of educational infrastructure is far better in the USA.

Research in the Universities

This is the most distinct advantage of American Education System. Unlike most other universities in the world, the universities in the USA are engaged in conducting practical research work for the benefit of the industry and government of the USA. These researches are conducted under the supervision of the college professors and the students get an opportunity to work on these research projects.

Career Choices

With more than 3,000 universities and colleges offering tens of thousands of different programs, the choice of careers is the widest in the United States. There is nothing which is worth pursuing a career in which is not covered by the American higher education system.


American education system is credit hour based. These credits are widely transferable from one university to another. Also, you can take credit hours as per your requirements and therefore the duration of completing a four-year degree may range from three to five years as per the capacity of the student.


This is a very important advantage from the Indian student point of view. How many times we come across a deserving Indian student not getting a career of his choice in India? Students lose their careers by a fraction of percentage and then they have no other choice but to either change their field of study or settle for an inferior institution by paying heavy donation. Such things rarely happen when you are applying to an American institution. The universities in the USA give due consideration to the desire of the students and admissions are based on a complete assessment of the students overall personality and not just the mark-sheet.

Overall, the advantages of studying in America are far too many and most of the parents and students already know about them. But most of the time they are unaware about the affordability of the courses or the exact procedure and timetable for preparation.

General Steps for the International Students to study in USA

  • Find suitable course or program
  • Apply to Secured Life International Group (SLIG)
  • Receive offer letter
  • Meet VISA conditions and apply for VISA
  • Receive COE, health check, send passport for VISA
  • Obtain visa and go to USA to start to study

If going abroad is your first priority then you are at the right spot. Come today for proper counselling and career advice.

[ Related Link: About Study Abroad ]

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