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Australia is regarded as one of the best study destinations around the world for its great education system and wonderful study environment. Australian education system is recognized as one of the best education system in the world but only with selective universities and colleges. Our experience will help you choose that.

In Australia, the education system begins with a preparatory year for children at around 5 years of age. The preparatory year, otherwise known as kintergarden, is not compulsory but is commonly undertaken. This is followed by 6 years of primary school (Years 1-6) and 6 years of high (secondary) school (Years 7-12). High school can further be divided into junior (Years7-10) and senior (Years 11-12) high.

Foundation Studies:

As an alternative to senior high school, international students can choose to complete foundation studies. Foundation studies are university preparation programs that are especially designed to prepare international students to study at Australian universities. Most universities offer foundation studies and they are mainly one year long. On successful completion, the university will usually offer you a place in one of their university programs.

Tertiary Education:

There are two main types of tertiary education programs: higher education programs that are offered by universities and vocational education and training (VET). Both types of program are available to international students.


Australian universities are highly regarded around the world. They offer a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees including:

  • Undergraduate: Bachelor, honors, diplomas, certificates
  • Postgraduate: PhD, Master's and postgraduate diploma

Vocational Education and Training (VET)

VET is a competency-based system that offers a wide variety of practical programs and qualifications that are highly recognized in the workplace. VET courses are often developed in consultation with industry organizations and employers. They are offered at private institutions or at Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutes, with course length varying from 6 months to 3 years. VET courses can be considered as an alternative to university as well as a bridge to some university courses.

English Language Courses

For entry into Australian institutions, international students are required to meet minimum levels of English proficiency. This applies to all levels of education, ranging from high schools to universities, although the specific level required can differ across institutions and courses. In Australia, a wide range of English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) are available. These courses are designed to help international students to learn English and prepare them for further studies or employment. Furthermore, there are no entry requirements and courses are generally flexible.

General Steps for the Nepalese Students to study in Australia

  • Find suitable course or program
  • Confirm legitimacy through proper screening process.
  • Apply to the chosen University/College
  • Receive confirmation of enrollment
  • Produce legal and complete documents for VISA processing
  • Apply for the VISA
  • Prepare for travel to Australia
  • Start study in Australia

If going abroad is your first priority then you are at the right spot. Come today for proper counselling and career advice.

[ Related Link: About Study Abroad ]

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