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SLIG :: Soft Link :: Domain Registration Services

Secured Life International Group (SLIG) is the technical solution to your business problem. You can remember us for domain registration, web hosting, website development from static to dynamic and e-commerce, software development services, web advertisement and marketing.

With our highly skilled software development unit, we provide the best technical solution to your business problem.

What is domain and why you need it?

To publish your personal/company website you need the address on the World Wide Web. For creating your address on the World Wide Web, you need to register your website name. The name you give to your website is the domain name. People use this domain name (website name, or your website address on WWW) to visit your website. You can't register identical domain name. To find out whether the domain name you are going to register is available or not you can use websites like:

Domain names may have several extensions like:

  • .com (basically used for commercial websites)
  • .org (basically used by organizations)
  • .net (basically used by networks)
  • .edu (basically used by educational institutions)
  • .tv (basically used by television networks)

An example of a fully qualified domain is like

Remember us for any type of domain registration.

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