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Nursing in America offers a number of unique opportunities to enrich your career. You can learn new approaches to clinical practice, fine-tune your skills, work with state-of-the-art technology and learn from professionals at the forefront of medical advances.

Now is your chance to work at some of the top hospitals in the United States, including teaching hospitals and major research facilities. Nursing in the U.S.A. provides the opportunity to play a vital role in health care and take on roles and responsibilities not found in other countries. Many international nurses can also enjoy better compensation, generous housing and travel allowances, and an array of employment benefits when they work with American staffing agencies.

Apply today with to begin the adventure of nursing in America.


Nurses from Nepal, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, the Philippines and many other countries have flourished during their assignments in the United States. They rave about the technological advances in medicine and patient care, the chance to experience various roles and health care delivery systems, and the opportunity for advancements on the job.

If you decide to pursue nursing in the United States, you will have the chance to reach for new challenges and obtain priceless on-the-job training in top cardiac centers, emergency rooms, intensive care units, women's centers and hundreds of other areas needing your skills. Your work will be rewarded with respect, opportunities for advancement, great working conditions and a good salary that will allow you to explore a great way of life away from work, as well.

Discover the benefits of nursing in the U.S.A. while increasing your quality of life.

The US needs nurses. Why?

The average age of registered nurses in the US is in the 50's. There are not enough nurses coming up to take care of the growing ageing population. The US has been emigrating nurses from other countries for several years but its not enough. What to do?

The US needs you if you meet the requirements. Mainly pass the NCLEX exam and the English requirements. You can get an occupational ( job sponsored ) visa which guarantees you a green card.

The program of nurses to the united states is the only program where you can go to the US and immediately start working. You have completed all the requirements before you go. What you pay over here is reimbursed to you once you land. You get free airfare, free initial housing, freee immigration costs, guaranteed job and $2000 relocation bonus. All paid by the hospital. No money comes out of your salary. No documents are taken from you. You are in control. You don't have to take extra courses.

You will receive a salary of $20 to $35( nursing home) to $50 ( hospital ) to $90 (ICU) depending on the cost of living of that area. Large cities (New York, Las vegas, Chicago) pay more. Smaller towns and cities less.

The downside is Retrogression. Visas take longer. But there has been some forward movement of priority dates. You have to be in the queue for your priority date number to come up or everyone will be ahead of you. So if working in the US is your goal, you need to start NOW!


Remember each US state has their own requirements for giving you a licence to practice as a registered nurse in their state. All states require that you pass the NCLEX (Nursing Council Licensure Examination) for licensure in their state. But some states also require passing the CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) Examination as well as English competency tests before they will give you permission to take the NCLEX exam.

The CGFNS exam tests the information you learned in nursing school. The NCLEX tests your ability to use that information to make good nursing judgements, to problem-solve, to use critical thinking skills.

Many of the CGFNS test questions also follow the NCLEX format of application/analysis questions. To pass it takes more than learning the facts and knowing how a system works. It involves a need way of thinking.

That is why nurse link offers a NCLEX/CGFNS class. The class is taught by the nurse link director who is an American Nurse with 30 years experience. She knows American Nursing.

The course gives you the core curriculum you must know. Then gives you strategies as well as teaches you how to think through to obtain the correct answers. It teaches you what is expect of you as an American nurse.

Will the NCLEX class really improve my chances of passing? The passing rate of the nurses, who have taken the Nurse Link CGFNS/NCLEX course, is greater than 95% for NCLEX. For the year 2010 it is 100%. Nurse Link can make the guarantee if you listen to the instructor's recommendations and use the strategies, you will pass NCLEX. If you bring the motivation and follow our guidance you are guaranteed to pass NCLEX and succeed.

There are other benefits of passing NCLEX and having a nursing license from a US State. If you go to Australia and join a university for your BN, BSN or Bridge Course, you can get a job in a nursing home while you study. In Canada you may be able to decrease your university time (and tuition) if you have a US Nursing Licence. Also you must have passed NCLEX to get into a Masters Program or an RN to BN program at the US universities. It will also insure a well paying job while you study.

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