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Unlike many other countries the registration of nurses does not occur at the national level. In order to practice nursing you must be licensed or registered in the province or territory in which you will work. Different Licensing or registering bodies have different procedures.

However all bodies require:

  • Credential Verification
  • A pass in Canadian Registered Nurse Examination
  • Language Proficiency

All Canadian provinces and territories except Quebec require that candidates write the Canadian Nurses Association Registration or Licensure Examination as part of the registration or licensure process.

Each case is assessed on individual basis.

If your assessment letter states that you will be eligible if you satisfy additional requirements, you need to contact the Nursing Association after fulfilling the requirements. If you are eligible, you can obtain temporary permit to practice. However, within a certain period of time, you need to apply and appear for Canadian Registered Nurse Examination. After passing Canadian Registered Nurse Examination, you can obtain full registration. Eligible candidates can reach USA free of cost

Program Provider

Different Nursing Schools

Eligibility for Entry

B Sc Nursing/Diploma in General Nursing & Midwifery and Minimum one year of experience as Staff Nurse in Home country. IELTS Overall Band 6.5 and Speaking 7.0.

The above is only a general information about the program and our expert counselor on the program will guide you with all details on documentation and processing from the stage of admission, receipt of visa and further arrival abroad. We are sure that our expert Program Advisors can identify and guide you the right program.

Come see us for more information.

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