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Nannies care for children in the homes of the children. They tend to all the needs of their charges. They shop for healthful foods and plan and cook tasty, nutritious meals. Nannies see that the breakfasts and lunches they serve are not only well-balanced, but also appealing to the children. Many Nannies keep a file of recipes the children like. They make sure meals are attractive. At mealtime, they teach table manners. Nannies wash the children's breakfast and lunch dishes, and clean up the kitchen or dining room. When caring for infants, Nannies prepare formula and sterilize bottles. As a rule, nannies do not cook for the family, but some do start dinner preparations.

Nannies wash, iron, and mend the children's clothing. They help older children learn to choose outfits right for the occasion. They teach the youngsters to keep closets and drawers neat. Nannies do not do family laundry.

Supervising toddlers during bath time is another duty of Nannies. So is bathing babies and changing their diapers. Nannies help with hair combing, shoe-tying, and homework. They put Band-Aids on scrape knees and take care of sick children. They follow the physician's instructions in giving medicine.

Planning safe amusement, both indoors and out, is a large part of the work of Nannies. They devise games and play suitable for the ages of their charges. They closely monitor television viewing. They help youngsters learn to play alone and teach them how to get along with others. They may plan and oversee birthday parties and other social events. All Nannies read to their children; some sing. They give infants the rocking and cuddling so vital to normal growth. They soothe the hurt feelings of older children. They make children feel secure while their parents are away from home.

Nannies do not do general housework. They do pick up after the children. They teach their charges to take care of their own belongings. They discipline the children in ways that follow the wishes of the parents. Nannies drive the children to lessons or to appointments. They may also take over car pool duties. Sometimes Nannies run errands. When the whole family takes a trip, the Nanny often travels with them.

Nannies serve as role models. They have good manners, use correct grammar, and show sportsmanship. Their example helps children grow to be productive and happy adults.

If you are willing to go as Nanny in Canada, come see us for more information.

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