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SLIG :: Courses Offered :: Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE)

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Secured Life International Group (SLIG) is the one and only CRNE preparation center in Nepal. As part of the process for becoming a Registered Nurse in Canada, an applicant must first successfully complete the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE). This national examination measures the competencies required of nurses at the beginning of their practice.

The CRNE includes approximately 200 multiple choice questions and takes approximately four hours.

The purpose of the CRNE is to protect the public by ensuring that the entry-level registered nurse possesses the competencies required to practise safely and effectively.

Examination Length and Format

There are about 200 multiple-choice questions on the exam.

Question Presentation

Of the approximately 200 multiple-choice questions on the CRNE, some are presented as independent questions and some are presented within cases. Case-based questions include a set of three to five questions associated with a brief health-care scenario. Independent questions contain the information necessary to answer the questions.

What Is Tested With the CRNE

There are 148 competencies that make up the content domain for the CRNE. Each question on the CRNE is linked to one of these competencies.

Competency Framework

The competency framework identifies and organizes the competencies that the CRNE should assess, reflecting a primary health-care nursing model. The framework and definitions of the four competency categories presented below are relevant to the June 2010-May 2015 exam. Because some of the competencies lend themselves to one or more categories, these four categories should be viewed simply as an organizing mechanism.

How is the exam scored?

For multiple choice questions there is only one correct response for each question. There may be responses that are similar or contain partially correct responses, but there will only be one absolutely correct response and each correct response is given one mark. The multiple choice section is marked by computer scan. The short answer questions have three parts. Scoring is performed by a team of content experts based on the presence of correct responses matching those on the scorer's list of acceptable responses. Marks are awarded on a scale from 0-3; part marks are possible for partially correct responses. However, multiple choice and short answer questions are weighted identically so in order to receive a mark for a short answer question, all responses must be correct. The two parts are scored separately; the total number of points achieved on the short answer questions are added up then divided by 3 to obtain the aggregate score for that section. The two sections are then added together to obtain the final mark.

What's a passing mark on the CRNE?

The standard passing score ranges from 59-68%. BUT the standard passing score is determined by the level of difficulty of the exam as established by the CRNE examination committee. Each exam is set by the committee using a pool of thousands of stock questions created by nursing educators across the country. The pool of questions is constantly changing, as is the composition of the exam. No two exams are ever more than superficially similar. The actual mark achieved only matters as it compares to the standard set for that specific exam. Results are reported to the candidate as either "pass" or "fail". Occasionally the CNA will provide a score to the failing candidate in an effort to assist with succeeding on subsequent attempts but generally speaking you will not receive a score.

How can I get more information?

Contact Secured Life International Group (SLIG) for further information.

If you want to live and work in Canada as registered nurse, come see us for more information.

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