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SLIG :: Nurse Link :: About SLIG Nurselink

Nurse Link World is a division of Secured Life International Group Pvt. Ltd. It works under the co-ordination of Director Shirley Evans, and Managing Director, Sheela Upadhyaya. Its main mission has been preparing Nepali nurses to register and immigrate to the different parts of the globe. Ms evans has been in Nepal working with Nepali nurses since 2004, and Mrs. Sheela, the graduated from the U.K. deals with sending the Healthcare professionals around the globe in different fields like live-in caregiver pogram, nursing, nannycare, etc.

We are expanding the Nurse link division to include nursing opportunities in other countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Ireland and soon possibly Japan.

The population of the developed countries are getting older. They need younger vibrant emigrants to take care of their ageing population which means professional registered nurses. You need to meet the requirements for licensees in countries states, provinces/countries. That is where nurselink to the world comes in.

We begin by counselling/helping you decide which country is the best fit for you and your family. Nurse link then leads you through the process. Preparing for and taking tests, getting jobs, obtaining visas, managing documents, learning languages, making secure connectons. Whatever it takes we are with you all the way.

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Nurse link has also added Aupairs and Caretakers to our expanded services. Please check the links to the side for more information.

Why choose Nurse Link?

Nurse link has experience in preparing nurses and documents. Nurse link understands the needs of registered nurses in Nepal. Fulfilling those needs is our priority.

Nurse link has success stories.

Nurse link statistics.

CGFNS passed: 19
NCLEX passed: 30
Total passed: 49

Nurses now living and working in:

USA -20
In US immigration - 15
In process for NCLEX - 39

Come, see us for free councelling. Hope to see you soon.

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